Blast From the Past Travelogue: Umeå – Sepetember 2010

by Melissa on November 15, 2010 · 0 comments

Umeå, home to bruised vaginas and partying in bomb shelters!  Okay, so not really.  But kind of.

Umeå has been a surprising city to visit.  It feels like being up north in cottage country.  It has a very homey feel.  It’s so nice. umea

My first night here we attended a party on the other side of town in a different residence building.  However, much like in Stockholm, the main means of getting around is on bike.  So, what’s a girl who’s visiting and has no bike to do?  Ride on the back of somebody else’s bike.  So I hopped on Jill’s friend Mat’s bike, and off we went to the “Irish Party”.  Oh did i mention we’d already been playing drinking games all evening and were quite tipsy by this point? Well, we were.  Now I’m no expert at riding on the back of bikes… but I think I may have done something wrong.  You see it was super painful.  Like I don’t think it was supposed to be so painful.  I kept yelling to everyone that Mat was bruising my vagina. We all had a good laugh at that.

So fast forward about 20min, we finally made it to the site of the party… a bomb shelter outside of the residence.  VERY STRANGE.  But we said, what the fuck… and had a great evening socializing and drinking, and even peeing outside (how ladylike, i know).  The atmosphere of this bomb shelter was quite odd, but rather cool.  We stayed a few hours and then decided to bike home (much to the chagrin of my poor bruised vagina — not actually my vagina, but my inner thighs definitely had awesome bruises going on.)

bomb shelter party

Since that night, we have simply wandered about town, have had LOTS of fika (coffee/tea/pastries/cake… etc), and watched a ton of How I Met Your Mother online. (Why have I never watched this show before?!).  Jill and I have also bonded over our love of bread, cheese, garlic, wine, tea, and basically anything that is food or beverage related.  LOL.

Tonight we are having a traditional Swedish dinner with a bunch of people who live in the corridor and other friends.  We’re eating crawfish, cheese pie, mashed potatoes (ok, not really Swedish, but it’s Jill and my contribution), schnapps, Finnish pancakes (basically like crepes, or so I am told), salad and bread.  We’re going to go out to karaoke tonight and get sloppy.  And tomorrow Jill, Mat and I are Amsterdam bound!  DON’T FORGET TO BRING A TOWEL!
swedish dinner party


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