I’ve never been good at introductions…

by Melissa on November 9, 2010 · 1 comment

Time for introductions, I suppose.  I’m Melissa, but otherwise known around the interwebs as mellyboo.  I have dubbed my blog The Mellyboo Project.

I’m 23 years old and reside just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my parents in their not-so-humble abode.  I’ve been working as a waitress at my town’s local watering hole for the last two years, since I graduated university for Film Studies – and boy my job sure is interesting to say the least.  Desperate Housewives meets The Hills meets any generic soap opera mixed with tons of booze and that’s the crap I get to deal with on a daily basis.  In this time I have been working at saving my money in hopes of purchasing a condo in the downtown core of Toronto.


I have just completed my first year as a single lady after getting out of an unhealthy relationship of almost 3 years.  Well, there were a few boyfriends in the interim, but those relationships fizzled out as quickly as they started.  I have a brand new outlook on life.  I am going to do the things that I’ve wanted to do and the things that are best for ME.  This year has been a brand new year for me, one full of self-discovery and self-exploration.
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In the past two years I have applied to jobs in my field of Television and Film every single day.  I have had one interview in the two years I’ve been done University.  Unfortunately the job market simply is not there for a new grad in the arts field.  I enjoy dabbling in photography and traveling, and having a waitressing job has given me the funds and flexibility to travel and see some of the world.  I was privileged enough to go on a whirlwind trip of New Zealand and Australia in March & April 2009.  Just this past September/October I hopped on a jet plane and spent 16 wonderful days traveling through Sweden, Amsterdam and ParisIt the start of what started my crazy travel addiction.

For so long I have been living a live-to-work type of lifestyle.  Simply working all the time to save the money I need so I can settle down into the even crazier rat race of life in the big city.  And while one day I would like to join that silly way of life, I have decided that for now I would like to take the time to enjoy life and do the things I’d like to do.  Instead of working so hard simply to have the money to get a condo, my new way of thinking is that I should work so I can go somewhere and see the world and enjoy my life while I’m still young.

I’ve got some big plans in the works for this next year or so. December 27 I am packing my bags and leaving on a jetplane to beautiful Australia where I will be on a working holiday for an undetermined amount of time.   I want to experience life on my own, away from the chaos of western society, I want to take time to learn who I truly am and what I really want out of life.
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So that’s me.  That’s the introduction.  Those are my plans, in a nutshell.  I hope to provide you with entertainment and enlightenment (a girl can try, can’t she).


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Wends of Journeys and Travels November 7, 2012 at 12:58 pm

for a while too, I got problems with introductions but as we open up more Melly, the world notices us 🙂 It is an awesome way to know you virtually though I wished our paths cross somewhere down the road when we travel.

Keep safe and happy travels 🙂
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