Gonna take you for a ride on a big jet plane

by Melissa on December 28, 2010 · 0 comments

As I sit here after having just gotten off the first on many flights – my first ride on a big jet plane, I guess the cat is now out of the bag, for those of you who are now new readers – those of you who had no idea that I’ve been blogging.  Welcome to the inside of my head.  That’s a scary thought, now isn’t it.
on plane

My journey to Australia has begun!  The past four days included a ton of last minute scrambling (despite the fact that I had convinced myself that I was SO organized and ready to go) and I was even stuck staying up until nearly 2am last night, trying to do last minute stuff.  Last night was great though, I had a lovely dinner with my parents, my mom’s best friend and my two best friends.  My dad’s famous pizza — I’m sure gonna miss eating that in the next four months.

plane screen

FOUR MONTHS!? Oh my goodness.  I can’t believe it’s actually here.  I remember booking my flight 197 days ago and thinking that it seemed so far away.  It felt like the time would never come!  Alas, here I am in LA, sitting at the airport for the next 4 1/2 hrs, ready to hop on my 15hr flight to Sydney.  One thing about LAX that has boggled my mind is the fact that there are so few plugs to charge up electronics!  What the heck!?  After waiting for nearly half an hour I got one, and of course, internet isn’t free either.  YYZ (Toronto International) really know’s what it’s doing with the whole free wifi thing.  I think Rogers sponsors the free wifi program there — just about the only good thing Rogers has ever done.My flight to LA from Toronto was pretty smooth.  I ended up sleeping for about half the flight.  Sadly, I was stuck with a darn window seat, but thankfully it was close to the front of the plane.  One thing I absolutely detest is when I’m seated near the back of the plane.  I hate having to wait for everyone else to get off.  To be completely honest, it probably has something to do with the fact that I try to avoid using airplane bathrooms at all costs — ergo by the end of the flight, I usually have to pee like it’s going out of style.  (Too much information?  Deal with it.  My thoughts, remember?) Anyways.  Yeah.  Flight from Toronto to LA was good.  It was pretty clear most of the way (when I actually was awake to enjoy the view out the window)  and I got to see the Rockies and the Grand Canyon from the skies.  Gorgeous.  I’d love to go there one day.

I’m pretty sure from where I am sitting right now, that I can see the Hollywood sign in the distance.  I think.  While my eyesight is pretty darn perfect (thanks lasik!), it’s just a touch too far away for me to really read it.  Anyone have binoculars?  Anyways, my laptop and phone are just about charged now, so I am going to sign off for now.  Gonna try to find some dinner, perhaps, before being stuck on a plane for 15hrs!

PS.  Straight Outta Compton just came onto my playlist.  How fitting, considering where I am right now.  Hahaha 😉

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