Last night in Sydney

by Melissa on January 12, 2011 · 0 comments

G’day mates!

So tonight marks my official last night in Sydney until February. I’m rather sad to be leaving, as I really do enjoy this city quite a bit. I’ve made some incredible friends — people whom I’ve really connected with and have had an amazing time with. Today, as I was leaving the boys house in Manly, I definitely felt kinda sad saying my ‘see ya later’ to them. I’m sure we’ll meet up again at some point down the road of life. That being said. I am so incredibly excited to go to New Zealand to see my Katiekins, and Bradford too!

beach kiss

This evening, Crissy and Sally and myself walked over to Darling Harbour where we got incredible meals. They were fairly expensive (as mostly everything here is), but well worth it. I had a seared local prawn and saffron risotto that was so delicious! Topped off with Hokey Pokey ice cream. OMG! So good!

darling harbour

Other than that… I’ve basically spent the last week or so beach hopping, and working on my tan. Which is, shocking -yet amazingly-, coming along very nicely. I’m finally starting to look like I fit in around here (tan wise).

For those who have been asking, I am fine, all the flooding that’s happening in Australia right now is much more north of where I am. But I do appreciate the concern. I really hope that the weather starts behaving properly, or else I may have to rethink my travel plans from Feb 9 onwards. Fiji? Bali? Thailand? The possibilities are endless, so long as the bank account holds up.


Anyways, internet time is running out and I dont want to buy more since it’s my last night in Sydney… so I’m just going to post this. Until next time… Mellyboo OUT!

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