Sydney Aquarium and more adventures in Sydney

by Melissa on January 6, 2011 · 1 comment

Since New Years, I have been both taking it easy and taking it all in at the same time.  My time has consisted of hanging out in Manly, going to the Sydney Aquarium and just wandering around the city.  I spent time over in North Manly with the Swedish boys – where we ended up spending nearly two full days watching movie after movie after movie.  Obviously the weather was crap, otherwise we would have been out enjoying the sun.
Manly, for those not too familiar with the Sydney area, is a good 20min ferry ride from the Sydney CBD.  It’s really quite a nice area of Sydney.  They’ve got a beautiful little Corso with shops, bars and restaurants that leads from the wharf, down to the beach.  The huge beach is always packed with swimmers, surfers and sunbathers.  Refer to my past blog entries for pictures taken at Manly beach.
Tuesday I went out to the Sydney Aquarium.  It was incredible.  Saw everything from generic fish, turtles, octopus, seahorses, jellyfish, sharks, dugongs, stingrays, penguins and so much more. dugong

Enjoy a quick little video (Sydney Aquarium) I put together with different clips I took at the Sydney Aquarium.  I was extremely lazy and just threw it together in iMovie in about 10 minutes; so don’t expect a whole heck of a lot of quality.  Music credit goes to Late July for being incredibly talented and making awesomely fun songs.  Check out her blog,

Today started out rather crappy, the weather looked kind of shitty, so Sally – the English girl in the bunk beside mine (and fellow member of the TBC – top bunk crew)—and I decided to go shopping up George Street (the main street with tons of shops).  After about an hour or so, the sun had come out in full force and it was actually quite hot, so we decided to make our way to Coogee beach.  This beach is a whole lot smaller than Manly and less busy, but it is very pretty, and the waves were ENORMOUS!   Surprisingly, no surfers.   We had a great day sun tanning though, and just enjoying the nice weather. coogee beach
So yeah.  That’s pretty much it, to be honest.  I shall update again soon.
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Lindsaydoh January 7, 2011 at 8:08 am

Loving the blog! Great to hear what you're up to 🙂

The turtle in the video looked kinda creepy with its head all in his shell and what not.

Also send me your cell so I can call/text you sometime!!


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