Michael Bublé in Sydney for Valentines Day!

by Melissa on February 16, 2011 · 1 comment

I’ve been now back in Sydney for the last week, and I must say that after spending an amazing 6 weeks with amazing people, coming back to Sydney by myself, not knowing anyone, was a little bit disappointing.  I felt like I had gone back to square one.  Except this time I had a nasty cold that sucked the life right out of me.  Putting in the effort to make new friends, was honestly the last thing I felt like doing.  Alas, the last few days I’ve felt more like myself, have made decent acquaintances (not going to lie… most are probably people I won’t keep in touch with.  Sorry.) and got to hang out with old friends. Not to mention- I also got to see Michael Buble in Sydney!

Sunday, Brent and Jenna came into the city for a few hours, from Wollongong.  We grabbed a delicious breakfast at Circular Quay (main wharf at Sydney Harbour for those not familiar with Sydney) and wandered through the markets at The Rocks.  Jenna had to head back early to make it back for work, so Brent and I waked through the Botanical Gardens and through the really expensive shopping district– going into stores like Tiffany’s and Christian Louboutain (drool).  After hanging out for a couple more hours, it was time for Brent, too, to head back to Wollongong.

Valentine’s Day, for me, was rather uneventful.  Actually, it was very uneventful.  It was a crappy day — as most of this past week has been full of crappy weather — and I really didn’t have the energy to go out and do anything too special.
buble concert

Yesterday, was my most eventful day, it was my belated Valentines Day present to myself.  I treated myself to a ticket to a concert.  Michael Bublé  in Sydney at Acer Arena in Olympic Park (site of the 2000 Olympics) to be exact!  Little did I know when I bought it that it was front row at the right corner of the stage.  The view was fantastic.  I couldn’t believe my good luck!  He put on yet another stellar performance — it was pretty much the same as the Toronto show, very similar set list, same fun extras and same funny jokes.  I don’t think I could ever get bored of seeing him though.  He’s just so dreamy and charming and charismatic.

michael buble
Today, I woke up bright and early and planned my life for the next month.  Thank you VISA for being a proud supporter of my travels.  I sure gave it a good workout.  Kept thinking of all the travel reward points I was earning (EEEK).

So the next little while looks like:
Thurs Feb 17- Sun Feb 20 –> Wollongong with Brent and Jenna
Mon Feb 21 – Wed Feb 22 –> Blue Mountains (including a canyoning/abseiling adventure)
Thurs Feb 24 –> Fly out to Perth
Fri Feb 25 – Thurs March 3 –> Perth to Exmouth (and return) tour with Australian Adventure Tours
Fri March 4 – Sat March 12 –>  Week in Perth (maybe see if anyone wants to rent a car and check out Margaret River and Albany with me)
Sun March 13 – Mon March 21 –> Perth to Adelaide tour with Nullabor Traveller Tours

After that? Who knows!  Maybe out to the Outback?  Once I get to Adelaide, I’ve got exactly 3 weeks till I have to fly from Sydney back home to North America.  Time is FLYING… I wish it could slow down a bit, alas… I’ll be back before I know it.

Now Playing:  Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Bublé


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Nicky February 18, 2011 at 6:34 am

If I come down it would be around the 18th or so and I would be staying on the Gold Coast with my buddy Ron and his brother who has a house there. You'd be welcome to come visit and see me fail at surfing. Still pending whether I have a job by then though.


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