A Few Days in an Adelaide Mansion

by Melissa on April 23, 2011 · 0 comments

I was welcomed to Adelaide by Karen, the aunt of my friend, Scott (from back home).  She came to pick me up at the bus station after my Nullarbor Traveller tour and was so accommodating and hospitable.  She brought me back to her place in Glenelg, an affluent neighbourhood just outside of Adelaide.  To say that I was blown away by her house is to put it very very lightly.  They live in a gorgeous house right on the Glenelg harbour, it was nicer than any other house I’ve ever been in before in my entire life.   Immediately Karen urged me to feel completely at home, showed me where I could find some food and she invited me to help myself to anything I wanted.  She then showed me to my bedroom, that had it’s own wing of the top floor.  There was a super comfortable queen sized bed (remember I had been sleeping in a swag or bunk bed or air mattress or worse… just in a sleeping bag for the past 3 months!). 
Over the four days I spent at Karen’s house she welcomed me into her family – introducing me to all of her children and their significant others.  On my last night there, her husband, Callum, had returned back from a business trip to Fiji, and he too welcomed me into their house.  He even did a huge favour for Lionel and Thomas, who had just arrived into Adelaide from Uluru that afternoon, and gave them a room to stay in with absolutely zero hesitation. glenelg harbour

It’s quite unfortunate that pretty much my entire time in Glenelg it was terrible weather – think sideways torrential downpour!  I really wanted to have the chance to take the tram into Adelaide and explore the city a little bit.  Unfortunately I didn’t even really get the chance.  I did, however, get to see the little ‘downtown Glenelg’ – the main street that is home to numerous shops and restaurants and cafes with the famous tram running along the road.  At the one end of the town is the beach with a giant pier that goes out into the ocean – it’s really quite a pretty city.  As Lionel put it, it’s a fun cross between Manly’s corso area and St. Kilda.  Of course at this point I hadn’t seen St. Kilda yet, so I just took his word for it.
As I stated, however, a couple posts back – when I had stayed with Brent and Jennait is one of the best feelings in the world to be thousands of miles from home and have people take you under their wing and make you feel like you’re a part of their family.  To see a familiar face (in the case of Brent and Jenna) or to have a complete stranger show you the meaning of true hospitality (as in the case with Karen and her family), it is the type of thing that is a nice change from the backpacker way of life.  Don’t get me wrong – I love hostel living (for the most part) – but sometimes it’s nice to just feel ‘at home’ and Karen and her family were the best hosts anyone could’ve ever asked for.  
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