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by Melissa on June 2, 2011 · 0 comments

I feel like I should take the time to appeal to you guys regarding some things that are near and dear to my heart.  While I was traveling through Western Australia, I met an American girl named Stephanie.  She has touched my life in a very profound way.  She helped me open my eyes to the world around me, taught me how to learn more about people on a deeper level, and overall inspired me to try to be something bigger than I am.  Stephanie shared with me her experiences of traveling to Africa a few years ago, and told me how it changed her life.  She is now part of a wonderful organization called the Camp Ohana Foundation — and they are trying to create an educational and traditional camp (in the American sense of traditional camp) for underprivileged and orphaned children in Kenya with an emphasis on a cross-cultural curriculum that will hopefully create compassionate adults who are successful leaders in their communities and ultimately the world.
This is a note that Stephanie put up on her facebook to try to garner attention of friends and family to try to help Camp Ohana win a $200,000 donation!

Friends, family and supporters of Camp Ohana,
I need your help. Now more than ever! I hope, in some way, shape of form, I have impacted your life enough that you could give me a few moments of your life, to help me change the lives of thousands of people! And when we win, you will know it was because of you.
The non-profit organization I have been helping create since 2007 called, Camp Ohana has been nominated for the Vivint Gives Back competition in which we could possibly win a $200,000 donation to go towards our current projects in Kenya!
We are so excited and hopeful but we really need your help to win the contest! If we win, we can begin construction on a borehole to create a well on the camp site to immediately provide fresh, clean water to over 200 Kenyans! Also, the donations will help us continue our health and wellness clinics providing education, awareness and free hygiene supplies to over 300 kids around the city of Nairobi.  
Lastly, donations will jump start the construction of the Camp Ohana Campus which will bring all of the benefits and fun found in a traditional camp experience (e.g. onsite housing, skill building activities, outdoor adventure, young adult camp counselors trained in youth/child development, etc.) together with a cross-cultural curriculum and a longitudinal focus.
There are 5 Regions. We are in the EASTERN Region.
To make it to round 2, we MUST make enough endorsements to make it in the TOP 20 for the eastern region.
As of today, the 20th organization in the eastern region has 278 endorsements so we NEED to move quick and make this our priority.
Here’s what you need to do to help us accomplish these amazing goals:
** you need a facebook account**
1st- Login to Facebook and type Vivint in the search box and “LIKE” Vivint.(orange with white writing).
2nd – Copy and paste the link- It takes you to “Vivint Gives Back” countdown page for the Eastern Region.
3rd– It makes you first sign into Facebook and allow Vivint access to your Facebook. Click ALLOW.
4th –It will return you back to the countdown, EASTERN region page. Scroll down, in the search box, type Camp Ohana and enter. Click on Camp Ohana Foundation.
5th –  Click ENDORSE
*******************ENDORSE everyday until JUNE 11th!***************
Thank you so much for your efforts! This is the most important thing I have ever done and I need your help more than ever! PLEASE share this email with your friends and family! We will be forever grateful for your kindness to help Camp Ohana Foundation make a difference! xo
Stephanie Arne
Director of Micro-Donations and Social Media
Camp Ohana Foundation camp ohana

If you could please take the time to help out not only a friend of mine, but potentially thousands of children who are absolutely deserving of an opportunity to attend Camp Ohana one day, it would mean the world to me.  Follow the steps Stephanie laid out in her letter, and let’s all try to help make their dreams a reality. 


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