Book Review: The Lost Girls

by Melissa on June 17, 2011 · 0 comments

Before I ended up traveling both to Europe for three weeks, and then Australia and New Zealand for four months, when travel plans were in the wee beginning phases, I stopped by my local book store.  It’s a habit of mine to make a beeline straight to the travel section and see what new books they’ve got.  One book in particular caught my eye.  The Lost Girls: Three Friends, Four Continents, One Unconventional Detour Around the World.  I immediately picked it up and made my way to the cash.  I started reading it immediately.

Turns out, I’m not the only twenty-something out there who was feeling a little unsatisfied with what life was currently offering and wanted to experience a little bit more.  The Lost Girls is exactly what the title makes it out to be, three girls from New York City trade in their lives as they know it, for a yearlong round the world trip.  Travel destinations include Chile, Brazil, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand (amongst other countries).  It is a great little memoir of their year abroad.

Each chapter in The Lost Girls is told by a different girl, and you get to see the perspective of three women, going through the challenges and changes that travel offers.  Readers get to experience the good times, and the rough times with them and are privy to gaining understanding of cultures all around the world, as these three twenty-somethings did through their travels.

Upon finishing this book I found that I was even more excited for my upcoming travels.  It only helped solidify the feeling of wanderlust.  I wanted to not only experience the places they had been for myself, but I wanted to be able to see similar transformations in myself, that these girls went through.  The thing that I enjoyed most, however, was that this was a REAL story.  It dealt with the real life, the everyday victories and struggles.  There were glimpses of real life incidents — like hooking up in a hostel with a fellow traveler, smashing up a rental car, and just the everyday stresses and dramas that can happen when you put three girls together 24/7/365.

The bottom line: these girls were very relatable and their journey — both the travels and their own person growth — was inspiring.  If there is one thing that I wish it had included, was pictures.  However, readers can always go to their website Lost Girls World and check out their actual travel blog from their journey, which does include pictures, and read traveling tips.

If you choose to pick up The Lost Girls and give it a go, however, consider yourself warned: it will most definitely induce wanderlust!


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