Where to Stay: Stockholm’s JumboStay Hostel

by Melissa on August 2, 2011 · 0 comments

A plane may not be everybody’s first choice for a great night’s sleep, but one Swedish hostel is changing up the rules when it comes to getting some shut eye on a 747.

I first heard about Stockholm’s JumboStay hostel while watching CNN, back home in Canada.  They were doing a report showing the unique hostel that was set in a retired Boeing 747 airplane.  It sits just beyond the runways of Stockholm’s Arlanda International Airport and boasts 25 rooms with 75 beds and 9 bathrooms.

jumbo stay
In September 2010 I found myself in Stockholm, with an early morning flight the following morning.  Not wanting to wake up before the crack of dawn, I remembered the CNN report on the JumboStay and made a reservation for a modest 4-share bedroom.  Upon my arrival I was given a 2-share room for no extra charge.  The desk staff donned flight attendant type uniforms and one of the women showed me to my room.  The 2-share bedrooms are big enough to fit one bunk bed (the bottom is a double mattress),  and come equipped with a small flatscreen television and a mirror.  And of course for those who just love to stay connected… wifi is free of charge- BONUS!

jumbo stay

While for most, going to the bathroom on an airplane is often dreaded and only done so in extreme emergency, at the JumboStay, bathrooms are a welcomed adventure in an of themselves.  They’ve got plenty of room to actually move around, no horrifying airplane bathroom aroma lingering in the air, and a working shower.  Not to mention they were kept very clean.

jumbo stay
Room prices are a bit more expensive than most hostels, and I suspect that you are paying for a combination of novelty, convenience and comfort — especially since this is probably one of the least social hostels I have been to — there isn’t really much in terms of a ‘common area’, and no communal kitchen – a place most travelers tend to meet others.  Rooms range in price from 400SEK* (or roughly $60CDN) for the 4-share dorm, to 3300SEK* (or roughly $500CDN) for the cockpit suite (otherwise known as the honeymoon suite) per night.
jumbo stay

As for special services, there is a boardroom on the upper level and a café at the nose of the plane on the main level, as well as the honeymoon suite which is situated in the cockpit of the airplane equipped with all the original buttons and gadgets from the plane’s operating days.  Additionally, those requiring transport to and from the airport can enjoy a complimentary bus.
The novelty of this hostel, matched with its convenience of being right there at the airport is unrivaled.  It is a touch costlier than most hostels, but it’s definitely worth checking out.  Another added bonus is that the beds are super comfortable — definitely a first for anyone who has ever tried to catch some z’s on an airplane (and not been lucky enough to be in first class!).  Check it out!

*All prices current as of June 7, 2011, subject to change.
Please note: All photos taken from the JumboStay website


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