RTW Journey To Do List: Packing!

by Melissa on September 26, 2011 · 2 comments

T-minus three days!  I am kind of freaking out – excited, nervous, scared, anxious, etc — so many feelings.  It’s time to consolidate my life into 20kgs or less!  That’s right… it’s time to


It is seriously my most hated part of traveling.  I managed to make all my packing lists and do all my laundry, I have the majority of my clothes in piles all around my bedroom and the rest of the basement in my parents house.  It’s all a matter of actually putting the stuff in the bag, weighing the thing and hoping it’s less than 20kgs!  Of course, I’m lazy and am totally procrastinating.

Should I fold?  Should I roll?  Should I use my compression sack like last time?  Do I do a combination of the fold, roll, compress?  Gah!

The golden question though…  REALLY, how many shoes is TOO many?  I’m going to be gone a YEAR!  Doesn’t that entitle me to at least ONE pair of heels?

And then we’ve got toiletries.  My toiletry bag is getting filled up mighty quickly.  And I know I shouldn’t fall into the age old trap of taking too many things since I know I can buy mostly everything there (thankfully I’m going to Australia first, and not some third world country where it may be harder to get everyday items).  But I can’t help it, sometimes a girl’s just gotta have her favorite deodorant that they don’t make anywhere else but North America, or even an extra tube of her favorite mascara that is literally 1/3rd the price at home compared to overseas.

Oh and lest we forget my carry-on/ electronics sanctuary.  Should probably start tracking down all my wires and cables and chargers and batteries and start figuring out what I’m taking on the plane with me.

Oy vey… It’s going to be a long next couple of days, packing, unpacking, repacking, folding, rolling, compressing, weighing, fretting, and worrying that I’m going to either a) forget something or b) pack too much.  It’s a terrible cycle.

Ahhh the life of a backpacker on her pre-travels, ain’t it sweet?


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Rob September 29, 2011 at 5:08 pm

Have an awesome start to your trip! I'm (in spirit, anyway) right behind you. I leave Oct 3 for Croatia and two weeks of no email, web browsing or anything from my real life!


C.W. Bush October 3, 2011 at 2:39 pm

It's not a girl only dilemma, I'm afraid. I suck at restricting myself to 20kg – although most of my travel in the past has been for 6+ months so I had to try and make my life fit into the bag.

You're here now!


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