Macau – Las Vegas of the East!

by Melissa on October 13, 2011 · 2 comments

Katie and I disembarked our ferry from Hong Kong and quickly grabbed a cab into the city centre in Macau.  She was keen on me getting to experience three key things about Macau:  Portuguese egg tarts, the Ruins of St. Paul, and a casino who has a Las Vegas twin.  I managed to check all three off the list in a mere 6hours in the country.
macau streets
We got out of the cab and made our way through the crowded pedestrian streets.  Had samples of different Macauan delicacies before making our way to the Ruins of St. Paul.  The Ruins of St. Paul is basically the front façade of an old church, which has crumbled all around it.  It’s quite beautiful and perched up on a hill.  It’s a total tourist attraction – and I found it quite unique because here we were in this very busy Asian country and yet it felt like we were in the middle of Europe.  I guess that’s the Portuguese influence, for ya.
ruins of st. paul macau
We did a bit more touristy type sight seeing- going up to the old fort and looking over the city at sunset.  We enjoyed quite the view.  We then wandered back through the jam packed cobblestone streets, purchased nearly all the Portuguese egg tarts from one particular store (seriously!  I think we took all but four!).  We grabbed a fresh squeezed juice from one of the shops, and then hopped on the local public transit bus to make our way back to the ferry terminal.
macau sunset
Back at the ferry terminal we hopped on a free shuttle bus to The Venetian – yes! Like The Venetian in Las Vegas.   It looked identical (or at least what I assume to be identical from other peoples’ pictures from the Vegas version of the hotel and casino).  We wandered through the casino, walked through the shops and along the canals.  We watched tourists get ripped off by paying far too much for a gondola ride.  And after taking a few pictures, we headed back to the ferry terminal, went through customs, and concluded our whirlwind 6 hour visit to Macau.
venetian macau
We were so knackered we ended up sleeping the entire ferry ride home – which was probably a good thing cause for the time that we were awake, there was a creepy east Indian man shamelessly staring at us.  Like totally perverted and gross staring.  And the more we got angry with him and told him off the bigger he smiled.   But I digress, this is not about the creepy perv on the ferry, but about a beautiful country with some crazy identity issues!  I can definitely see its appeal and am glad that we chose to visit Macau during my limited time in Hong Kong.

Oh! And the Portuguese egg tarts? DELISH!  Even moreso after spending a night in the refrigerator!

Anyone out there been to Macau?  What did you think?  Share your Macau stories with me in the comments below!


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C.W. Bush October 14, 2011 at 8:45 pm

I very nearly visited Macau when I was in China (Hainan) back in 2008, but my budget just didn't allow for it.

Really keen to get there someday.


Nicky April 23, 2013 at 6:25 pm

I got the same impression of Macau – identity crisis. I always recommend people who are in HK to go see it because it’s just such a unique blend of three continents in one little island. The tarts really are to die for. I spent one night there – if I had more time, I would have done the gondola ride at the Venetian, which would have meant 3 gondola rides in 3 different versions of Venice in one year! Alas, 2 (Vegas and Italy) would have to suffice.


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