May 2013

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Guest Post: Heart Language

May 31, 2013

When I first moved to rural Hunan province as a volunteer teacher, I had just graduated from Boston University. I spoke no Chinese and knew little of the culture. My path was supposed to take me to New York to pursue the road I started as an intern the summer before at InStyle magazine, but […]

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The Liebster Blog Award

May 23, 2013

The Mellyboo Project was honoured with another award.  The Liebster Blog Award.  Never heard of it?  Me either.  After checking out what Andrea from Wandering iPhone, the lovely lady who nominated me, had to say I learned that the Liebster Blog Award is recognition and a virtual high five that is given to support, promote and […]

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World Lion Day

May 15, 2013

“I was not the lion, but it fell upon me to give the lion’s roar.” Winston Churchill, politician, 1874-1965 The world is on the verge of having the king of the jungle succumb to extinction- and the blood is on our hands.  Pretty scary thought, eh?  World Lion Day is an initiative to spread the […]

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Help Stephanie Arne Live her Dreams

May 13, 2013

Henry David Thoreau once said “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”  If there is one person in my life who personifies that saying, it’s my soul sister, Stephanie Arne.  And at this very moment, she is on the cusp of being able to live her dreams- and she needs […]

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