Nomad Adventure Tours: Masai Mara & Gorillas Tour Day 3 (part 1)

by Melissa on November 11, 2013 · 2 comments

Before my iPhone’s alarm function had the opportunity to go off – at the scheduled time of 5:30am, I heard the rustling of other campers and the faint sound of their alarms going off.  After lying comfortably in the warmth of my sleeping bag, I decided to get up and start my day.  Trying to not disturb my Australian tentmate, Lisa – I slowly tried to unzip the mosquito door to our tent – and of course, woke her up in the process.  So with that – our day had begun.

Lisa and I managed to successfully take down our tent quickly, and even made ourselves available to help others who were less experienced with the tent-take-down procedure.  Before long, the tents were packed away in Junior, our Nomad Adventure Tours overlanding truck, and our basic breakfast consisting of bread, spreads and cereal was set out ready to be devoured.

nomad adventure tours Before long, we were all on the truck and ready to make our first and only activity stop in Lake Naivasha, Kenya – Hells Gate National Park.  For those who were keen (and willing to part with the cash) – there was the opportunity to rent bicycles and participants were provided with a guide and could experience the national park, and game viewing from the back of a bicycle – rather than with the rest of us lazy folks who made ourselves quite comfortable in Junior.
nomad adventure tours We drove through the spectacular park – astonished with the massive volcanic rock walls that lined the road.  As our bicyclists were just starting to enjoy their 18km ride, they had a little hitch in their plans for a smooth ride – when a herd of no less than 100 buffalo decided they were going to cross the road in front of them!

nomad adventure tours For those of you not familiar with Africa- or it’s wildlife- buffalo are some of the most dangerous creatures on the continent, because of their inability to show any visible signs of agitation before an attack.  And you certainly don’t want those horns coming at you unexpectedly, at top speed!

nomad adventure tours We waited until the herd passed and then continued on our game drive with our bicycling Nomad Adventure Tours family members pedalling along in front of us.  We were fortunate enough to see Masai giraffe (a smaller species than the more common giraffes found in the wild), massive herds of zebra and buffalo roaming along together, and an abnormally large amount of warthogs.

nomad adventure tours We eventually reached a turn off and parked by a set of buildings.  We were told to get off the truck and join the bicyclists – who had since ditched their bicycles close to the truck – and go for a hike down into the Hell’s Gate Gorge.  Being seemingly always unprepared- I asked if I was okay to proceed wearing my flip flops – which Noah – my Nomad Adventure Tours guide, said would be fine.  Oh how wrong he was.  I got about 5 minutes down the path when I realized there was no way in hell I would be able to navigate my way down into the gorge wearing my flip flops, and with my very heavy camera bag containing my Nikon D600 with spare lens AND Macbook Pro on my back.  Not worth destroying the electronic-children to see a gorge… doesn’t matter how beautiful it may be.  I told Jess and John – an Australian couple with good cameras- to take a few pictures for me, so I could see what I was missing out on.  So, Ralf – a Swedish photographer-, Moe – a Danish retiree- and myself made our way back to the truck where we chatted with Sandile, Nyika and Noah until the others returned some twenty minutes later.

nomad adventure tours Once the cyclists mounted their bicycles and took off down the gravel road, the rest of the group boarded Junior and followed behind at a snail’s pace.  We continued to watch the numerous warthog trot along through the short grass, and were in awe of the massive herds of buffalo and zebra that flanked either side of our vehicle as we drove through the park.  Eventually we made it back to the main gates of Hell’s Gate National Park and the cyclists returned their bicycles and joined the rest of us.

nomad adventure tours Our next stop?  Lake Nakuru National park following a 3 hour drive from Lake Naivasha to Kenya’s fourth largest city – Nakuru.

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Anne November 11, 2013 at 6:33 pm

I don’t think flip flops are hiking shoes. You still managed to get great pictures. Looking forward to reading about day 4.


Melissa November 20, 2013 at 4:19 pm

No… you are correct… flip flops are most definitely NOT hiking shoes. Still bummed that I didnt get to see the gorge… but there was no way i’d be able to do it.


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