Jordan Packing Guide for Women

by Melissa on May 8, 2017 · 2 comments

When the opportunity arose for Kris and I to attend a friend’s wedding in Jordan last October, we knew we couldn’t say no. For myself, I’ve regarded Jordan as one of those bucket-list destinations that I wasn’t sure I’d ever get the opportunity to visit for myself. As the date approached I started to actually worry about what I could wear without offending anyone. I’m not one who typically wears offensive clothing, but as an owner of a set of DD’s – sometimes relatively innocent outfits turn scandalous. I scoured the Internet, and other travel blogs for a Jordan packing guide for women – but didn’t find there were that many resources.  So in the vein of my highly popular packing guide for Africa, I present to you my Jordan Packing Guide for Women.

Jordan Packing Guide for Women: Resorts

jordan packing guide for women

On the resort, feel free to wear what you would at any other resort. For the most part, I personally erred on the side of modesty, just because I didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention or dirty looks. There is a large range of different styles of clothing on display on resort property – I saw everything from short shorts that expose butt cheeks (worn by the scantily-clad pool DJ) to burkinis. When I enjoyed my time in the Dead Sea – I wore an older bikini that I wouldn’t mind getting wrecked from the mud and salt. Around the pools I wore a newer bikini or one-piece bathing suit and if I ventured back to my room or a poolside restaurant, I always made sure to put on a cover up.

  • swimwear of choice (bikini, one-piece, burkini, etc.)
  • older bathing suit (that you don’t mind getting ruined in the Dead Sea)
  • bathing suit cover up
  • shorts, tights, pants, skirts, dresses
  • t-shirts/ tank tops
  • sunhat
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen

Jordan packing guide for women

Jordan Packing Guide for Women: Cities, Towns and Tourist Sites

This is where you should probably be a bit more conservative. While I didn’t venture into Amman with the rest of the group (since they went the day we arrived – and our flight from Istanbul had gotten in at 5 am), I heard a lot of feedback from the women who did the day trip to the city. They were by no means offensively dressed – by Western culture standards, that is. I believe a few of the women were wearing capris length pants and got dirty looks because their ankles were showing.

jordan packing guide for women

When we visited tourist destinations like Petra, I was sure to keep the shorts safely packed away.   I wore a pair of cropped tights (as I had forgotten to bring my hiking pants), a t-shirt with a higher neckline, and a long thin cardigan (that covered my bum). I also always bring a sarong that I use as a scarf – or to cover my shoulders (if I were to take off my sweater), or if really need be – to use as a headscarf.

  • t-shirts with a modest neckline
  • long sleeved shirts with a modest neckline
  • hiking pants/ trousers/ jeans
  • leggings (proceed with caution – perhaps only wear these in highly touristy areas like Petra, and be sure to cover your bum)
  • long skirts
  • maxi dress (be aware of the neckline)
  • thin sweater (I like ones that are long enough to cover my bum)
  • One thicker sweater/ hoodie if heading out into the desert overnight
  • Comfortable footwear (hiking shoes, running shoes, etc.)
  • Flip flops/ sandals (do not advise wearing these to Petra or anywhere you will have to walk for a long time – for both comfort and hygiene reasons.
  • sarong (to use as a scarf, shawl, headcover, etc.)
  • sunhat
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen

As a woman, I would avoid the following items for any off-resort locations:

  • skirts that are above the knee
  • shorts of any length
  • tank tops (or anything exposing too much shoulder)
  • any shirt with a scoop, plunging or deep v-neckline – especially if you’re blessed in the boob department.
  • crop tops
  • Any clothing with see-through fabrics or mesh that exposes skin (ie. burnout t-shirts)

The final word

jordan packing guide for women

Hopefully, this helps anyone planning a trip to Jordan or the Middle East, in general. When it came time to pack, I know I struggled with knowing what to bring. I was surprised that there weren’t more thorough packing guides specifically for women. My own Jordan packing guide for women may be a bit more extreme than others that do exist out there.  That said, I prefer to err on the side of caution and modesty. I’d rather avoid unwanted stares because I’m exposing a kneecap or, heaven forbid, just a bit too much cleavage. Remember – you are a guest in a foreign country; it won’t kill you to respect their culture and be a bit more conservative in public. Your trip won’t last forever, and you can return to wearing your normal gear upon your arrival home.

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Do you agree with my Jordan Packing Guide for Women?  Have you travelled to the Middle East and had difficulties knowing what to wear?  Comment below!


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Anne May 8, 2017 at 12:03 pm

Great advise…..


Farah May 10, 2017 at 7:06 am

As a Jordanian, I could not agree more. This is the perfect guide!


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