Travel blogs I am currently reading and loving:

  • Aussie on the Road
    Chris is an Australian bloke who loves to spend his time away from the glorious land down under.  He’s been documenting his adventures for the better part of a decade and is someone I can honestly call one of my great friends.
  • Pack Your Passport
    Had the great pleasure of meeting up with Beverley- a spunky, funky British traveler – in Sydney.  Pack Your Passport initially followed Beverley through her working holiday travels in Australia and New Zealand, but now focuses on her life back in the UK. Check it out!
  • Reclaiming My Future
    These are the stories of Miss Toni, an inspirational young English woman who has overcome personal hardships through travel.  She’s my Africa go-to guru.  Her blog has undergone a fabulous redesign – check it out!  She also has the amazing site Reclaiming Your Future, which focuses on mental health issues.
  • Six Months to Live
    Run by the ever inspiring Jacqueline Boone!  She has a knack for inspiring you with her amazing tales of travels throughout the world, as well as encouraging her readers to live a better life.  She’s recently launched her 6 Months Experiment as a way for readers to partake in making big changes in their lives.
  • The Planet D
    Canada’s original adventure couple!  Dave and Deb have been traveling the world and writing about their adventures since 2008 and are legends around the travel blogging community.  Be sure to support them and be prepared to get inspired!
  • The World Wanderer
    Erin and I connected after my first trip to Africa in May 2012 -she would be doing a similar trip as the one I had just completed, so I had to give her a follow.  I’ve been happily reading along with her travel adventures since.
  • Y Travel Blog
    Caz and Craig are my travel blogging inspiration.  They are living the life.  Traveling the world, blogging about it and raising their two beautiful daughters.  They are the travel blogging world’s super family!

Useful Travel Planning sites: